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This is the first NFT in the world from a real-life vitiligo model. My name is Tibet I'm from Switzerland and I have a mild but very visible case of vitiligo. This condition doesn't cause any physical harm, but since I grew up with it, I had to get mentally strong since the first day of school to survive the bullying, just because I looked different. After all these years I'm very happy to actually have vitiligo because it really shaped my personality and made me a better human being.


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My Story

I was born on the 13th of September 1998 in Frauenfeld TG Switzerland. After a few years of being a child, I developed a disease called "vitiligo" on my body. What it does is actually less harmful than it seems sometimes to some people. It's just a lack of pigments under the skin, which makes the skin appear white without any color.

It can spread out over time, it can chill for a long time but it certainly never goes back. There is also no real working solution in the medical field due to the small number of people who are affected. So it's not an interesting disease to research since there is just a little amount of people to cure and since it doesn't hurt as much (but you easily get sunburnt!).

The damage which occurs is much more mental. And this is because of other people. Humans are insensitive sometimes, especially when you're a different-looking child among other children. The first few years of school I had not just to explain myself to every new person I've met, but much more defend myself against all the hatred because I have white spots around my eyes. Coming out of an extraordinary supportive, loving, and caring family was a very cruel contrast to me. Because since I received so much love, I had a lot of love to share with other people. But the reality is that out there many people don't feel as whole as me and as much as I don't want this explanation to be possible - other people seeing me being whole and loved was a thread to them.

This caused some people, especially my personal bully to do and say horrible things at such a young age. I always knew how to defend myself. I've always fought for my rights. And I never took myself too seriously.
I also was the funny kid in the class. But realizing how little love others could share was a devastating realization for me. And of course to this day.

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So I created an NFT collection to appreciate my Vitiligo journey, just bc the current time alows it.

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