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“First of all, I’ll start with the title.
From that point I explore the psychology of the melody.

Next, I write the text backwards, and thus automatically

to the climax
- Cole Porter

Alexa Young, Product Manager


Forget the common prejudices that limit creativity to certain professions or artistic activities.

Every person has the potential to be creative, no matter what field they are in, and regardless of whether colors or numbers are involved.

It's more about being playful and curious about your environment to come up with ideas. And the second step is simply sticking with them to actually make them a reality.

When it comes to the creation and development of ideas and visions, there is a universal power in the universe that flows through all areas of creative work equally. Regardless of whether it is a new song, a choreography, a new dish or a suggestion for improvement in the office.

Once you begin to understand this essence, you can apply it to all areas of life. It goes far beyond whether you have put the right color on the canvas or whether you no longer hit off-key notes when singing.

The most fascinating thing is that the magic takes place far away from esotericism.
And yet there is a reason why our favorite songs and works by great artists have such an impact on us: They reach deep into the truth.

A reality that we ourselves cannot always recognize because we are too blinded by all the individual influences and frustrations of life.

But there are proven ways to untangle all the knots in life and maintain your own flow status and enable yourself:

  • Discovering yourself and your unique voice
  • To come up with better ideas
  • Feeling more comfortable as yourself
  • To learn new things much faster and more freely
  • To take the enormous pressure off your soul in the process
  • Have a positive influence on your friends and family
  • To create art that fundamentally means something

All you have to do is be open to new ideas. And I mean really open to new ideas. Not the "open to new things" thing you say in a job interview.

And then we approach it with proven systems, immensely helpful tools and, classic: a little practice!

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