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Since 2018 I have been a qualified audio engineer, trained at the SAE Institute Zurich.

Thanks to my expertise and extensive experience, I always guarantee high-quality end products for all artists.

My goal has always been to fully capture and understand the entire process of music production - from the genesis of an idea to the consumer's experience through headphones.

After years of practical experience as a musician and solid training as an audio engineer, I have now reached this point.

I am ready to use my passion and know-how to take projects to the next level.


Mixing: I make sure that your songs sound according to the latest standards and achieve professional quality.

Mastering: Your songs will meet the requirements of different platforms, such as streaming services, CDs, radio and more.

My services include:

  • Music

  • Movie

  • Podcast

You can easily send me your tracks via

Once all the details of your project have been clarified, I will begin carefully editing your audio tracks.

You will receive your finished audio product within the agreed deadline.

My goal is to ensure that the end result is exactly what you imagined.



1. I only need the tracks that should be in the final track.
2. All tracks must have the same starting point
3. There must be no effects on the tracks (raw tracks: no reverb, delay, autotune, compressor...)
4. Export files as .WAV
5. Select a sample rate of 44.1 kHz or higher
6. (BPM number, if available)


To ensure that I receive your project with identical track placement later, the tracks must be exported with the same starting point.

Even if, for example, a vocal part starts later than the instrumental, the track must start at the beginning of the song.

(If the part only starts at second 30, the track must be exported with silence from second 0 to 30)

Since it's always a little different for the different DAWs, if in doubt I would quickly read up on how to export projects in this way.

Alternatively, you can click on "File" > "Backup project" and export all tracks at once. However, experience has shown that depending on the software version, the tracks do not have a lead time and therefore did not arrive at the correct tempo.

Therefore, the safest option is to export each track individually. Before submitting, it is best to do a self-test, open a new project and import all tracks including the instrumental.

When everything is correctly in place and in time, your project is ready to ship!

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